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Painted cover art. The Swamp Rats, script by Bill Harris, art by Bill Lignante;
Otter leads his "swamp rats" on raids against nearby villages and caravans, always escaping by means of secret trails through the Great Swamp; When they capture two Jungle Patrol men as hostages, the Phantom infiltrates their camp, frees the patrolmen, and with their help captures the bandits.

Rogue Elephant, art by Bill Lignante; The three friends narrowly escape death bringing down a rogue elephant in a bamboo stand; They discover that the animal had a bullet lodged in the nerve center of one tusk, causing it years of constant agony.

The Phantom's Boyhood, script by Bill Harris, art by Bill Lignante; The twentieth Phantom teaches his son Kit in the skills and the lore of his future career as the Phantom; Eventually the boy is sent to his mother's family for schooling in America, with Guran as companion.

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